Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Rainy Bit... AKA Tortuguero

After a murderously early wake-up call (although not our earliest while in Costa Rica) we boarded a bus with a bunch of other tourists from places like Argentina, France, Spain, Israel and Japan. I mostly listened to my ipod and slept until we got close to the boat dock and other buses started having to turn back because of flooding. We stopped for a minute and I got some pictures of my favorite cows EVER.

Then, it was on to the dock - though it was more a pond. We had to take off shoes and socks to get out of the bus and onto the boat. Here's the parking lot:

So, getting on the boat proved to be a bit tricky for me, and I managed to fall at the most embarrassing possible moment, giving myself two large bruises, one of which I still have today - three weeks later. Man, I'm good. Dad took this picture. Can you tell I'm thinking, "When can we go home?"

Luckily, I got some sleep and was ready for the nature boat tour the following morning at 5:45. Here I am modeling the latest in rain gear. It smelled. I'm not even joking.

We saw a monkey, iguana, sloth, and some birds but none were close enough to photograph, so you get me, the wildest animal I could find!

Most of our time in Tortuguero was spent sitting on the porch of our room in rocking chairs, reading. The rain on the roof was soooo loud. It was a beautiful place and not cold.

Phillip and I managed to get some good hammock swinging time in. I do love lounging in a hammock. I also got a massage on the beach. There was a roof, but no walls.

Finally, we got to leave. The thing I'm noticing, and feel the need to point out, is that every one of these pictures shows wet things. I was soooo ready to dry out.

But, since the dock was flooded, we had to go another way back - to a place that had a narrow road. The bus that was supposed to pick us up "fell off" the road, so we were stranded.

And it was raining.

We got to see more cows - love them! And I spotted an armadillo. That is rare, according to several people. So, fun things happened while we waited, and waited. The good news is that eventually we caught a ride to the rental car place and headed out on our own.

Tortuguero was my least favorite place in Costa Rica for two reasons: 1. I really like sun. 2. It was like being at summer camp, we ate together, went on field trips together, etc. But, looking back on it I can see that even though it was the low point for me, it still wasn't that bad!

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  1. I got the all night Laundry Mat blues
    Washing everything I own except my shoes
    I got makeup round the collar
    And it smells like sweat
    A dollar in the drier
    And it ain't dry yet

    This sounds like it was soon to be your theme song. Lol. Or at least true in the fact that everything was wet except your shoes (because you took them off), though guess you did tell me that later they were wet.


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