Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Manuel Antonio or I could soooo live on the beach.

Many apologies for the long break from Costa Rica blogging. I let myself get a little bit busy. But anyhooo, to recap - we've traveled all around Costa Rica and now we're heading to the Pacific coast. Let me prepare you - it's BEAUTIFUL!

This was my favorite hotel - Playa Espadilla. The room was a soft green color that was perfect - all white bedding. Just gorgeous!

And, a short walk from the hotel was the beach. It was quite touristy, but I didn't mind. I was warm!

So, I tried surfing. Let me tell you - I was soooo nervous beforehand that I couldn't eat breakfast. But, I persevered and had a great time! Here I am wearing the top. I totally look the part.

In the following photo you can see the beach - it was just beautiful. The water was warm (tasted disgusting!) and I loved just floating, waiting for the next wave.

Here I am enjoying a break - desaltifying my mouth.

The next day I spent some time in the pool - I had to steal this pic from the hotel website because it was so wonderful that I forgot to take a picture.

Too soon, we were one our way back to San Jose - after a lovely stay at the beach.

Luckily we got to be there for a while before leaving... but the end of the vacation was looming.

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