Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The end of our trip...

Well, it's taken quite a while, but we've come to our last stop in Costa Rica. We were back in San Jose, and I have to say I liked it better the second time.

We went to the mall on a false tip that the IMAX was there. Not a problem, there were other things like this adorable candy shop.

The next morning we commenced the most "cultural" portion of our trip and headed to the downtown where we enjoyed the Pre-Colombian gold museum.

In the same building there was also a modern art display, and my personal favorite, the numismatic museum. (i.e. money!) They had money and coffee tokens from basically all parts of Costa Rica's history. We even saw what is considered the most beautiful banknote ever. I loved it.

The following picture is actually the "roof" of the gold museum. It's under ground, under a square in the heart of San Jose. Kind of cool, really. It was a gorgeous sunny day. Not too hot, not too cold.

Mom and Dad decided to try to check out the National Theater (Teatro Nacional) while Phillip and I headed back to the mall to absorb local culture, but the theater was closed for a private event, so they ended up at the Jade Museum. Here's the theater - beautiful from the outside!

The final touch to our trip was a showing of Avatar, in English, subtitled in Spanish. This picture is dark, but if you can see what it's of, you'll agree that it's worth a try to put it on here. :)

We headed back to the hotel and had a totally wonderful meal - I had caesar salad, rosemary potatoes, and for desert: a crepe with nuts and tequila sauce. Our waiter was really chatty, and I think he wanted to go home with us, it was pretty cute. Sadly, we had to pack because we were going to be picked up at 4:00 am.

Phillip requested a wake-up call for us so we'd have time to wash our hair before the trip, but it never came. Mom knocked on the door at 3:55 and it was a mad dash to dress and get to the lobby for our pickup.

Many hours later, we made it home. There are pictures of our journey, but it wasn't pretty. Trust me.

Loot picture!

So, thanks for going to Costa Rica with me. It's a beautiful country, and right now, since I am wrapped in a down comforter, I would like to go back and sit on a warm beach...


  1. Very nice! Thank you for taking me along with you:)

  2. My sister is leaving for Hawaii in the next week or so. Maybe we can stow away with her to the warm/sunny island. And I did appreciate the dark picture. :)


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