Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Post

I saw lots of really cool things today. Alas, I did not get pictures of any of them. But! Have no fear, I will recreate them here:

I saw baby ducks and a grown up duck. Aha! Upon google image searching, I do believe I saw goslings and a goose because the babies were quite yellow and the adult was really big in comparison to the babies. This is a close approximation:

I also saw a train-full of tractors. There were at least 30 identical tractors. There could have been 50. I was getting on the ferry in Edmonds, but had to wait for the train to go by and they were on some of the middle cars, all perfectly aligned with each other.

I also saw (fine, I broke one of my new feb's rezzies and bought) some really cute fabric! It's called Hideaway by Lauren & Jessie Jung for Moda. I got a half yard of the chalet fabric on bottom, a quarter of the teeny-tiny deers in the middle, and a quarter of the dot fabric on the right (but with a white background). I love it.

Also, while I was at the quilt shop, the ladies working there LOVED my kindle cover and said I should write patterns. I thought - "hey! that's a great idea!" So, there we go. Another back up career if this whole engineering thing ends up being too much of a drag for me.

The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about NYC. Someday - maybe even soon - I will post more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Feb's Rezzies

Well, New Year's passed me by without much fanfare, so I've decided to make New February Resolutions. I'll follow them (or at least try) for the next year - so here goes!
  1. Read at least one non-fiction book for every fiction book read.
  2. No purchasing new fabric, paper, stamps, ribbon, stickers, etc. (Exception: Items needed to finish projects that I own the majority of the supplies.)
  3. Go on one date per month - at least.
  4. Blog weekly or more.
  5. Ride the Seattle to Portland - sign ups are today!
Other things I'm thinking about - Cleaning? Eating better? Being on time? Did any of you make new's years resolutions? How are they going?