Friday, February 5, 2010

Moving on to Monteverde

You may want to buckle in for this first paragraph. The road from La Fortuna to Monteverde was the bumpiest I've ever been on! I admit that I lost hope at some point along the way. It took us an hour longer to get there than the GPS said it would (can't always trust the GPS) and we were jiggled every step of the way. But, I snapped this fabulous photo, so all was not lost!

Our best nature hike was in Monteverde. We had a very good guide who talked about mostly interesting things, and he had a telescope so we could see the wildlife - and even get photos. Here's a quetzal - they can be quite elusive and we saw it first thing on our hike!

We saw several howler monkeys - here's one that looks like a little old man. Cute, eh?

This wild animal needs a shower, but appears to be enjoying a trip across a hanging bridge:

Here our guide shows us a centipede/millipede. He explained the difference, but of course after a couple short weeks, I couldn't tell you what it was.

Then we saw a coati. They're like the raccoons of Central America. They steal food and generally make a nuisance of themselves, but they're tolerated, and tourists (me) take pictures of them.

Dad was sick at this point in our tour, so after showers and freshening up, we headed out to find food. We ended up in a little local place that had an extensive menu. I had a grilled cheese sandwich that had lettuce and tomato on it, while mom had fried rice and Phillip had tacos.

As you can see, we sat in the "area de no fumado" (non-smoking section), but the ironic part was that cooking our food created a huge amount of smoke - while the smoking section stayed fresh and lovely.

In Monteverde we spent quite a bit of time watching TV because Darb was sick and there wasn't a lot to do. The hotel was freezing cold, so we watched the Golden Globes from under the covers. I also saw my first episode of Glee there - and I think I'm hooked.


  1. Based on this post and a previous post I have learned that their is a wild species refered to as the "Mary Heather." I am enjoying hearing about this Mary Heather when she is taken out of her natural surroundings in placed in foreign habbitat.

  2. Let me just say that I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures. I'm taking a trip vicariously through your blog!


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