Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Costa Rica - Do you wanna hear about it?

If so, buckle in. I'm going to try to blog daily until I've thoroughly bored you with Costa Rica pictures and anecdotes.

And we're off!!!

Our fist day was spent touring near San Jose. Here's my beautiful madre waiting for our ride.

We first visited a coffee plantation who sells mainly to Starbucks - so if you're drinking house blend, I may have seen the plant that your beans came from. Phillip and I fully comprehended the gravity of the situation, and it shows on our faces.

Sarcasm? What? <-- That was an oft-repeated phrase on our trip.

Then we got to see a church built of metal because the wood one burned and the brick one toppled (I think). It was in a beautiful square and the weather was gorgeous. Just leave me there! After that it was off to Sarchi, where the oxcarts are made. It's a handicraft that's been around for a really long time, and this family has made them for something like 4 generations.

I thought they were pretty. I also got inspiration for a fabric I'd like to make sometime - check it out:
Would that make a fantastic sundress or totebag? Mark my words. I'm gonna figure out how and do it someday.

So, that's enough for today... See you again tomorrow?


  1. Will most definitely make an awesome fabric pattern. Short of printing it on fabric I would say stencil the design on said tote.., and then paint it in with fabric paint. Just blow up the picture to desired size print on cheap paper, rub charcoal on back of paper, place charcoal side down and trace over top and will lay down charcoal lines. Paint inside lines. :)


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