Thursday, May 21, 2009

A couple of pictures to share while I'm watching The Fashion Show. First off, some babies! They slept sweetly in the yard for several hours Saturday morning. They weren't much bigger than Lillers.


Then, the Rhody parade. I got a sunburn while judging the floats - Sequim's was beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it. But, it was gorgeous. I do have a bunch of pictures of the motorcycle drill team! The best one - for seeing what they do - is out of focus, but I'm showing you anyway.

I also have a picture of these funny guys! Evergreen Fitness - they were so happy to be there. Endorphins, you know.

The local favorite: The Lawnchair Drill Team! They're awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see their show, but they did walk by in snake formation.

I made some new friends during the parade and got a bunch of hugs from people I already know. It was a great day!

Today at the gas station, I met a couple people who are bicycling around the world. They started in 2003, and have about a year longer to go. They didn't stay long in PT - they were heading straight for the ferry. I wish them well!

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  1. Didn't you just want to go give them a great big hug? I need my playment here so that we can play. I have been having fun patronizing stores to and from job interviews and such. Currently awaiting to see if I get 2nd interviews at two places. I hope you have a lovely, sunny memorial day weekend. We may have to quilt hop together in June.


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