Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fun stuff!

Let's take a break from all the soul-searching and switch to some cute cards! First up, my Mother's Day card for (get this!) my MOM!

Next, an all occasion card for a friend. It's flat, it's square, and it's already in the mail!

Another all occasion card - are you loving the car stereo backdrop? We had a super sunny day today, so I took advantage of it and got some pictures in natural light!

And finally, a baby card for a friend of mine who is expecting a boy... I especially like the way this one turned out. I used colored pencils, smoothed with Gamsol, and the red strip was stamped with versamark. Cute, eh? Inside it says: welcome.

It's Rhody week, and the carnival started tonight. Went after work with a few co-workers and was nearly enticed to break my lifelong ban on portable rides - they looked like so much fun. Here's a pretty kids ride!


  1. Your baby card is really cute. What were you using to do all your scalloped edges? They look so even. I love the paper you use for the middle in the second one. Did you get any cotton candy at the carnival? I have pics to post but am being lazy. That and my two card pics are only on my cell phone so I don't know about the quality. Have a great weekend!

  2. I can't take credit for the edges - I bought precut papers. :)

  3. Hey the sweet paper one showed up in my mail box! Rock on.


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