Monday, May 4, 2009

Old News

Well, last weekend was quite possibly one of the busiest times of my life, and I loved it! It started right after work on Friday - Firefly and I met up for some craft supply shopping and "the last supper". (Firefly moved Sunday. Tear.) I got this really cool stuff called Gamsol that smooths out colored pencils so that they blend and look almost watercolor-y. We had dinner at Siren's - definitely the best food in town.

Sabbath morning I made Mickey Mouse waffles (the Mickey waffle iron was a gift from my Grandma a long time ago) with strawberries and whipped cream for Firefly and her husband. Plus we had some tots and stripples and Simply Orange pulp free. Basically, at that point I could have never eaten again, but...

I caught the ferry over to Seattle!

There, I met Lisa and Tompaul and we headed over to U Village for some really tasty mexican food and a bit of browsing in the Barnes & Noble. We were killing time until the Improv started at Greenlake Church. Their theme was monsters, so we did our best to help out.

I was so proud, they actually used one of my suggestions (squawk like a chicken), but the best skit was one where the actors can't move themselves - there's a second person moving their hands, feet, etc. Quite funny.

After a LATE ferry back to PT, I got up early for the Rhody Ride - saw some cute kids out for bikes rides with their parents. Then, helped Firefly move, then hung out with some other really cute kids!

Busy, but I finally caught up on sleep on Wednesday...

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  1. Looking good Miss Mary Heather. I love that first picture... very pretty (you are, not the guys standing in the background;)


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