Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm still here!

So, it's been a while since I posted. Sorry! I've been thinking, "oh, I'll do it tomorrow" for several days/weeks in a row. Here's a quick update to let you all know that I'm still breathing, walking, etc.

Last night I saw Star Trek. That is a truly great film. I LOVED IT! I had only seen one episode of Star Trek (and I don't even think it was the original show) before this, but you don't need to know the show. It really was wonderful. The night before that, I saw lots of episodes of Big Bang Theory, which is really pretty cute. Although, I think the characters would drive me crazy if I actually knew them. The night before that was a Relay for Life meeting and the night before that, the brother and I checked out a Mongolian grill, went for a walk on the beach, and then read books. Last weekend, my whole family was visiting, and we took some diverting photos (which reinforced my notion that I ought to lose some weight) and had some great wii playing time. So, that's the week in reverse.

This evening, I ran into a friend as I was leaving work, and we ended up going out for dinner - then his mom and cousins showed up as we were finishing, so we had a fun time talking while they ate. Thai food. Need I say more? I think not.

I'm thinking of just hanging out this weekend, doing some household domestic sorts of things, recovering from guests and getting ready for a super busy work week. I have a project going to construction that must be done by the end of June. Also, I've been working on straightening out some right-of-way issues in an area of town. And, Relay for Life is coming up quick! I'm thinking that I'll need a vacation by July or August. Maybe I'll fly somewhere and stay in a hotel and sit by the pool. That sounds wonderful!

If you could go on vacation right now, with nothing holding you back (budget, family, work, etc.), where would you go? Do share.


  1. Well I suppose no restraints maybe too some Island. However, the more obtainable places I've been thinking of that I want to go are as follows in no particular order.
    1. Disneyland/California Adventure
    2. Family Cabin in Maryland/Busch Gardens Theme park in Virgina (same places as honey moon) oh and the farm fresh ice cream. Yumm.
    3. I heard on the radio that Montreal and Tronto are the Parises of North American and that sounded fun too.

  2. Tuscany, Greece, Japan, Yosemite (that place does the soul good), the island where Anne of Green Gables was shot (childhood fantasy that crept into my adult heart)


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