Saturday, October 16, 2010

Travels, part 2.

My second trip took me to Spokane area to catch up with old friends and be guest at a wedding. It was beautiful weather, as it often is in Eastern Washington. I've never been really sure about Spokane as a city (too much sprawl), but the people who live there are wonderful and I had a great time. This first picture shows what I mean about too much sprawl - this is "downtown".

But, then again - look at the sky!

I forgot my camera in the hotel when I went to the wedding, so I can't show you pictures, but I can tell you, it was a really fun wedding, and I hope the bride and groom will be together forever. They were really cute and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other.

Afterward, I went to a friend's aunt's house, and had some DE-licious cake.

Firefly loved it too.

While I was there, I actually did some work! I checked out a slow sand filtration system and met an expert in the field. It was so much fun, and I confirmed that I am, indeed, a giant nerd. The best part was the boat ride to the system.

I also spent a day with Mary and her daughter - don't you want to hug them!?! We had Red Robin (Yum!), which I love, and afterward found a little chocolate shop where I got a pretzel dipped in caramel and then chocolate. It doesn't get better.

Back at Mary's house, Kenzie and I modeled the latest in farming fashion. In fact, we submit that this will be the cover of the top-selling issue of Farming Weekly in history.
It was a good trip with all the essential elements: wonderful friends, good food, fabulous weather, and entertaining things to do.

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  1. I look like a fish in that picture. Just call me Dori!


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