Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little Projects

I've gotten a few little things done! Nothing big, mind you, but they might add up to one mid-size accomplishment, so here goes!

I planted a "garden". It was contained in two pots, and I started them from seeds. I had bachelor buttons and marigolds, the seeds of which were both gifts from Firefly.

Here are the marigolds, just starting out - not very big.

Then, they started doing really well, but a raccoon decided that he wanted to eat the bugs that were living in the soil and he tore up my nicely tended "garden". These two flowers survived:

It's getting cold enough that they'll probably all go away soon, so I might get some bulbs ready to plant... they're always pretty in the spring!

Next, I crocheted a monkey! (One of my coworkers wonders if that's a euphemism for anything.) Isn't she cute! She needs a little sundress and a bow for her "hair", but for now the fact that she exists is enough for me.

Here she is trying out the strainer as a swing.

I like to buy myself flowers and practice my arranging skills - here's the latest: spray roses in a spherical vase.

And finally, tonight's project was a baby sling for a friend who's due to deliver next week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? Turns out I didn't buy enough fabric, so it took some fancy cutting and sewing at the beginning, but it was a fairly simple process once I got those kinks worked out. I used the tutorial found here.

The inside fabric has the names of all different kinds of tea - picked out by the expectant mother. I found the polka dot fabric to match at Joann. It's reversible, and I believe that the words can be right side up. (That did stress me out a bit.)

Fun stuff, and like travel, it makes me want to do more!

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  1. When are you going to come teach me all your crafty skills?


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