Monday, May 24, 2010

Monterey Highlights

So I went to Monterey... I took the train again (which you know I love!) so I'll spare you the pictures this time.

First day we spent doing the mountain bike thing. It was the Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca. It was a beautiful day, and I find bicycles pretty interesting, so not a bad way to spend a day. In the evening we went to the premiere of a mountain bike movie - lots of young men there. Not a bad thing.

Next day we went to San Francisco - Golden Gate, Sausalito, Ghirardhelli, Pier 39, you name it!

On the last day there, we hung out with some friends of el Bro. They're funny people! Then, I climbed back aboard and headed home. I met some great people on the train, and came home feeling quite relaxed.

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  1. Ah, It looks so warm and sunny. I could definitely use some of that today. Rain, rain go away!


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