Friday, March 12, 2010

Port Townsend is tasty town!

We have a creperie! And it is delicious! Water Street Creperie opened last Monday and I was there! They have all the options - breakfast, sweet or savory. They're located on Water Street (hence the name, duh MH!) next to Sport Townsend, in what used to be Bell Tower Art.

Along with the crepes - you can get a full array of espresso drinks. Plus, it's entertaining to watch them make the crepes. At first it's sort of zen garden with the "spready-outy-thingy" <--technical term, then the filling goes in and it's all about the flavor.

On my first visit I had a savory crepe since it was technically lunch - and split a sweet with someone. That sweet crepe (banana & Nutella) had me at hello. So delicious. The second time I got something called a Lemon Crumble that can only be described as heaven in food form. It tasted like 1000 delicious calories - butter(?), graham cracker, lemon curd, whipped cream... my mouth is watering even now.

Here we have one of the proprietors, taking my order - you may recognize him from the trip to Las Vegas last summer. Didn't we have fun!!! If he's half as good an owner as travel companion, this place will be huge!! Next time you're downtown, stop in for a crepe!

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  1. It it's even half as delicious as the one we went to in Kingston you must take me there when I visit. Crepes are so delicious!


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