Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching up...

It's been a busy week or two recently. I'm not complaining. I like having lots to do. Last weekend was a little bit too much driving for me (to Bellevue, then Port Angeles, then back here in one day) - but I got this cute picture of Lillers while we rode the ferry. Her hair was super static-y and sticking up all over, but she managed to look quite tame in this picture.

Then, during last week, I visited my friend Nate and ended up standing outside talking until it started to get cold and dark. I spotted the moon, whipped out my camera, and here you have the best of the shots...

This most recent weekend, I baked chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with chocolate frosting and an assortment of sprinkles. They were a test of the new regulator on my oven, and a thank you/get well for my landlord. I also had a coworker over for brunch and made creamed eggs & peas on puff pastry, blueberry lemon scones, roasted vegetable galette and fruit salad. The food, if I may say so, was delicious! Very successful recipes. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of cupcakes or brunch.

This evening, I'm proud to announce that I have finished all the blocks for the quilt of merryheathreness. Now, I just have to lay it out and assemble the quilt top (then do all the finishing, quilting, binding, etc). So exciting to be this much closer to a finished project!

Finally, in random news, when I was in Costa Rica I visited a handbag store called Mario Hernandez. The great thing was that there were all kinds of things that said "MH" on them. The unfortunate thing (for me) is that they were quite expensive. So, I shelled out for the cheapest thing I could find - a purse decorate-y thingy that has a leather M and H and a unicorn. See below.

But, then I needed a purse to put this thingy on, and I couldn't afford the ones that I really wanted, so I joined It's like netflix for purses! I get a new purse every month without breaking the bank! I'm a fan so far. Here's the first one I've gotten. It's Calvin Klein, and fabulous.

Well, that's all for now. Must get some sleep. Tomorrow after work I'm helping teach swing dancing. Fun stuff!

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  1. I am curious about this bag/netflix thingy. Will you send that bag back at the end of the month before your new one comes? Do you get to pic the specific one that will come or are they kind of in list like netflix? I do want to see pictures of you laying out your quilt of Mary Heatherness.


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