Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, it's been an "interesting" few weeks since I last posted. I went on a fantastic trip to Monterey, CA and soaked up some sun. I rode the train down and back - takes 24 hours each way. It was a really fun way to vacation by myself and I took pictures and read a fantastic book - but sadly, after I watched my first movie of the trip, my much beloved computer took a turn for the worse (okay, dead) and I am currently without computer companionship. It's already been to one doctor who pronounced death and advised purchasing another. I, however, do not take no for an answer, so tomorrow morning my computer will be visiting another doctor. Cross your fingers, pray, chant, send good thoughts, whatever it takes - I want my computer back!

In the meantime, one of my three faithful readers is letting me use her computer so I can spend a little time in blog world.

I promised an update on the diet/exercise thing. In a nutshell: it's going okay. I definitely had a hiccup when I went to Monterey, and since getting back it's been difficult to regain the same momentum. But, I do feel good when I'm eating the whole wheat/no sugar/fruits and vegetables way. And, I think almonds make a great snack. So, I've lost 3 pounds, and my next goal is to get the exercise started again. (Really, I should have been doing it from day one - 30 minutes of walking a day...)

In crafting news, I haven't done much... Before I went to Monterey I made quite a bit of headway on my Egypt scrapbook - but didn't finish it in February like I had hoped. I did the sermon last weekend, then travelled to my parents and cleaned out some boxes from their "attic". I got textbooks to begin studying for my PE exam. Last night I fell asleep to the enthralling discussion of free body diagrams! Yeah baby!

Let's plan on pictures soon - the computer WILL be fixed, I can feel it!

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