Monday, March 23, 2009


I sit before you, typing at my much-loved computer once again. Thank you for your well-wishing, prayers, and crossed fingers. The local computer doctor was victorious. Turns out the power supply and the motherboard weren't getting along - okay, their connection was loose. Now that things have been smoothed and tightened, we're in business. It's good (oh so good!) to be back.

Here's a token picture of me and a lovely lady from PT. We sat together at the Fantabulous Follies of 2009. Of course, since I wasn't in the Follies this year, they were lacking in some areas, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the audience and cheering and laughing.

Also, here's a picture on which I need some feedback. I've laid out these fabrics as a quilt that is totally "merryheathre". It's my self-centered quilt, I suppose. I'm quite excited about it. So, the feedback I'm hoping for is: do these fabrics go okay together? Am I missing something? (I think I'm missing fish and stars before it can be totally "merryheathre") This was all planned around the pink paint by number bird fabric third from the top on the left. It's from Erin Michael's Uptown line. There are two other Erin Michael's fabrics - the one next to the pink fabric, and the circles on the bottom right. I've got pineapples, bees, letters, batik, asian fabrics, and even some egyptian hirogliphs. Once I work in fish and stars, I think I'm in business. What do you think?

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  1. Fabulous! How about the little fishies with names?


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