Sunday, January 2, 2011

You're probably wondering...

What does merryheathre do with all her time? Because she sure doesn't spend it blogging! Or replying to emails! Or tweeting...

Well, here's what I spent a couple New Year's Eve hours doing - sewing!

I started out with raw materials from alert readers (thank you, Dave Barry), ref250 and ~K, as they like to be known. The main material is a pair of boxer shorts that have been re-purposed into a ditty bag. That's the ref250 part. The lining is laminated nicey jane that ~K picked up for me because I forgot to buy it way back at the shop hop!

The green bits and thread are from my stash with a Coats & Clark zipper to finish it off. Now I've gotta make a case for my kindle...


  1. That is super cute!

    Where did you learn how to sew? I'm thinking of whipping out my sewing machine again, since you motivated me.

  2. Very cute. You should bring with you for show n tell when you see me next so I can inspect it closer.


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