Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things I read about...

...And wanted to share with you!

First up? Tula Pink has been sewing, and she made a couple bags from Amy Butler's new book, Style Stitches. Which I happen to have purchased. I'm thinking I ought to make one of these bags, too!

Next - some pretty clothes. If the stars ever aligned for me to wear designer clothes (there would have to be major weight loss, major income, and some sort of a reason/occasion), I'd totally wear any of these:

They're from Erdem's Pre-Fall 2011 collection (don't ask me what that really means), and I'd even wear the ones I'm not showing you.


  1. What fabric do you think you will use for your bag? I think in order for me to wear most of those dresses my legs would need to grow longer. Though ones that are suppose to look floor length would probably be ok.

  2. I love the two dresses in the middle in the last group of pictures. The last one in the row would require that I sprout longer legs and lose half my body weight!


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