Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday may have been the most beautiful day in Port Townsend ALL YEAR! It was warm (okay, like 68 degrees - that's warm for PT), it was sunny, it was gorgeous! A couple friends (including my mom, and a couple people my age and their mom) came up for the evening and we spent some time at Fort Worden, first at the lighthouse watching ships go by, then exploring the bunkers.

Then we headed downtown, where I thought "Oh man, I forgot my coat!" but I didn't end up needing it at all! The Port Townsend Film Festival was underway, and we caught some of the outdoor movie festivities between ice cream and dinner. Yes, we did have dessert first and it was wonderful!

We had dinner at The Fountain Cafe, which was described by one online site as a "foodie" place. We enjoyed the food, and even better, had great conversation! Topics included Facebook, the Napa Valley, travel, and carbonated beverages.

Fun people, delicious food, I came home and went to bed happy.


  1. Are two Phelps, twice the fun? ;) You talk about the restaurant being a foodie place and yet you fail to tell me what you had to eat? I'm left wanting more. And what flavor of ice cream?

  2. Okay, so the food - I didn't mention it because I was embarrassed that I wasn't very hungry, so all I had was a side salad - but we had an appetizer of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar. So tasty. And some salmon fish cakes. Delish! I even tasted my mom's pasta - feta, artichoke hearts, capers, yellow peppers, mmmmmmm... Now I'm hungry.


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