Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Checking in with my camera...

In case you were curious what I've been up to, I figured I'd see what my camera has to say - in chronological order of recent history, I went to a TangoHeart concert, and they lost my reservation, which was the best thing that could have happened! I ended up in the best seat in the house - here's my view, without zooming:
I've done several trips to and from Bellevue (been going to 24/7 for a year now) and the weather was beautiful on many occasions:

I threw a totally awesome baby shower, complete with the most delicious cupcakes I've made EVER. I don't even have a picture of the best ones, but here are the chocolate:

(The best were vanilla - funfetti with lemon buttercream frosting and I LOVED the frosting. I usually don't like frosting.)

One Saturday night, mom and I went out and got in touch with our southern rock sides and checked out the band "Kane" at a free concert on the beach. The lead singer is an actor on Leverage, a show that I watch pretty regularly. The concert was pretty good - and we looked hot, for being so cold.

Most recently, a group from 24/7 came over to visit me and we finished the day at Elevated Ice Cream. I had Swiss Orange Chocolate Chip and Amaretto Hazelnut with hot fudge, almonds, whipped cream, and jimmies. YUM.

So, that's me checking in. How have things been with you?


  1. Yay! You pick the best food MH! Orange chocolate? Yum.

  2. Reporting from your couch it looks like you have been having fun. If you remember your camera tomorrow you can have more pictures of fun doings.


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