Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You thought I was gone? Nope, just shop hopping...

Last weekend I participated in the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. Before I set out, I thought to myself, "what would I really like to get, besides all the free block patterns?" and the answer was "a precut strip set." At first I was thinking something like a Bali Pop set, but then I happened upon this:

A honey bun! On 30% off clearance. I couldn't resist. (Cuz it turns out those Bali Pops are expensive. But have no fear - I will eventually buy one.)

So then I had this honey bun and I was thinking "what will I do with it?" Now, to make this story interesting, I need to tell you that I love diamond quilts and have been wanting to make one, so when I stumbled across this pattern:

It was decided. Then, I just needed to find yardage. The honey bun was on sale because it's older fabric - but I was in luck. I found yardage at two stores that I hopped afterward, and who knows what I would have found if I had started the shop hop looking? So here's the plan... The palest turquoise blue will take the place of the white on the pattern. The darkest piece laying across the bottom is the border - and the peachy/pink is the setting triangles.

Now I just have to find a charm pack. There is one on etsy (as pointed out to me by the lovely firefly) which I may buy, because even though it is overpriced, it'll be cheaper in the long run than buying half yards of a bunch of different fabrics and then having a ton left over.

My adviser in the picture taking process was so kind as to also warm my spot in the bed. Now I think I will go curl up in it and dream about fabric.

Sweet dreams of whatever your heart desires!


  1. ;) Ah, dreams! I like the pattern and the fabric you picked out. I am sure your quilt will turn out beautiful and well engineered. I thought you said you went crazy on the hop? I only see purchases for one project. I checked one store for the charm pack but they didn't have it. The only other local store that has charms I haven't called yet but I looked at their charms during the hop and don't remember seeing that one. I would say buy the etsy one now and if you find a cheaper one later sell it online and make money on it. How is that for being an enabler? :)

  2. You've flared up my itch to want to learn to sew. I'm thinking of getting an inexpensive, simple sewing machine, so I can get the free class that comes with it. I inherited a very nice, pricey machine from my Grandma, but I don't know the first thing about using it!

  3. Just checking to see how your diamond quilt is comming! I absolutly love the pattern and am hoping you will say it was easier than you thought it would be! Makes me want to make one too since its so pretty....but first I have to complete my own lap quilt project! Happy sewing! ~Karrina


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