Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Tallest Betty Suarez Ever

Well, I've been a bit sick (theories abound - cold, flu, swine flu, etc.), but I'm back to feeling much better - so it's time to show you how utterly fabulous I looked as Ugly Betty.

I got the wig & glasses as part of a kit, but all the clothes are my own. That amazed my co-workers. One quote, "I'm just going to start wearing whatever I feel like. You've inspired me!"

There were only a couple of us who dressed up, but it was so much fun I didn't mind standing out. One really fun part was people didn't recognize me. I got a "Hi dear" from one person - then "Oh! Mary Heather!" Another person drove by me as I was shouting their name without even looking at me.

The kit also came with a Guadalajara poncho and a "B" necklace - but I didn't wear the poncho much, just because I was so proud of my Halloween costume that came entirely from my own wardrobe! That's the best, right? Plus wearing a wig was fun. And hot. Literally.


  1. Wow! I am totally loving it. How much fun. And to think I didn't even wear ears or anything this year. Did you have an after party to go to in you fab costume?

  2. Love it! The last picture is especially convincing.

  3. ok, your Betty Suarez message on FB was the hook that FINALLY got me to check out your blog that i've been meaning to look at for, what, two years now? Something like that, anyway. I LOVE IT!!!! I think, though, that instead of Alexis, I should have dressed up as Henry. lol!:)


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