Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We've got some catching up to do!

The highlights: I had a birthday and I finally took the PE exam! But rather than bore you with long stories about what I did/did not do during October, I've decided to bore you with pictures!

First up, I made some cards. This was the cutest (in my opinion):

October was notable for the number of sweets I ate (and the tight jeans I have to prove it). Here's a particularly beautiful cupcake, even after I dropped it!

I encountered this surprise on my way to work one morning. Come to think of it, I didn't have any celebratory ice cream, and this guy is worth a sundae, at least!

I cultivated a healthy appreciation of bedhead as well - saves time on grooming. Just kidding, but I did wake up with the best hair I've EVER had:

I decided to eat up food before buying more, so here's a delicious little something I whipped up with baby potatoes, sour cream, broth, chipotle puree and cheese. Yes, it was good.

The cutest part about my birthday? My cupcakes, custom made by Firefly herself! So cute.

The first post-test celebration involved quilt shops and my mom. Very good combination. Here are the patterns and fat eighths I got:

I got a bit of fabric for my stash while I was at it... A couple fat quarters, a couple quarter yard cuts and a couple half yards. All in all, very successful.

So, that was October, as told by 8 photos. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Yes, I enjoyed it immensly. Thank you. I like the Thangles pattern pictured on the left best I think. I got off work a little early today so got started on my Figgy Pudding table runner. This time I didn't screw up on cutting the fabric. :)

  2. Second Post. I bought the Thangles 2.5" kit where it helps you make 2.5" squares from triangles that you then use to make your blocks. Would you like me to copy a page for you? Though supposedly the stuff you buy is printed on special paper but whatever.

  3. What a momentous October! Thanks for introducing me to quilt-shop-hopping! That was FUN.


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