Thursday, October 15, 2009

New 'Puter!

I am the proud owner of a new HP mini. It's cute. It has a substantial hard drive and it's got pearly white little keys. Very fun.

So, one week from now I'll be quietly worrying about my test, because it's one week from tomorrow. It's the final push - and I think I'll work on environmental tonight. It's going to be fine, and I'm just really excited to be done with it! Would you like to hear what I'm going to do when I'm done? Here goes:
  • The quilt of Mary Heatherness
  • Fix my Monterrey Sweatshirt
  • Cover Madeleine (my KitchenAid)
  • Learn to play Joplin Rags
  • Exercise
  • Use up food in my cupboards
  • Finish my French quilt
  • Keep in touch with friends
  • Sew knit clothing
  • Make an apron
  • Acheive major things on Beatles Rock Band
  • The cutest ever PJ Pants
  • Boozy Cheesecake (Grand Marnier - it bakes out...)
  • Walk my Dog
  • Ride my bike
  • Catch up on House, M.D.
  • And more!!!
I'm pretty sure this list will take me quite a while to accomplish, but I will be happy to be trying! But, I suppose I ought to study now so I don't have to do this again in 6 months. So, signing off... MH

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