Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Thursday Night...

The Accidental Argyle Twins

A Rare Port Townsend Sight: Snowfall!

Tonight I worked late because of a recurring meeting that I jokingly detest. I've had a historically love/hate relationship with the meeting (okay it's been more on the hate side), but have come to terms and now reward myself for making it through the meeting with all my brain cells intact. Today's meeting was the usual - really not that bad, and when I talked to Mom on my way home, I told her I was going home to drink a bottle of wine and buy things on the internet. :) So here I am. I haven't drunk any wine, and I've only purchased a couple Christmas ornaments, but it's been a relaxing evening nonetheless.

Baby Ansel Looks to his Mom for Advice

You may have wondered where I've been, cyber-ly speaking - and the answer is, nowhere really. I went on a fabulous vacation, then came back to my mundane life, which is surprisingly busy for not being the Big Apple. :) I've included a couple pictures to spice up this post - and if you stay tuned, I'm about to post the first NYC post. I know, I know, it's about time.

A Thanksgiving Feast!

Black Friday Shoppers, out at the crack of NOON!

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  1. Must say, some pretty hunky argyle twins. Crack of noon much more relaxing then somebody I know who was out at 4am. I would have waited till noon if didn't have to work. So only one quick stop on the way to work. Was very glad the lines weren't too long so I wasn't late. :)


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