Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garage Voice's Album: Let Us Reconcile

I know I've written about these guys a couple times before, but bear with me one more time: there's free music in it for me. :)

I've been thinking about the difference between experiencing a band live and listening to their recordings, especially after Creation, where I found out I don't like a band in person that I do like on CD. Some bands are better live, and others are great recording artists - the fun part about Garage Voice is that they're both. The thing is that their music really should be played in a place that you have the option of getting up and dancing because it really makes me want to move (and other people, I assume). Thus the benefit of the CD - you can listen to them anywhere!

Let Us Reconcile has all the things I liked about Garage Voice when I first heard them: Great lyrics, fun bass lines, intelligence, humor, and general "listenability" (did I just make that word up?). I think the album has broad appeal - a little bit of something for everyone.

Probably the thing I like the best (besides the pleasant eardrum tickling) is the lyrics. My favorite phrase comes on the third song, Repentance:
"Every time I hear the word of law
The love of God just blows my mind
Tells me I can be confident His love is really enough"

Another gem? In Tips of Your Hands, they say:
"Habits are structured by what often occupies the mind
It builds up a highway and keeps it prioritized"
which makes me wonder, "What often occupies my mind?".

My favorite song when I first got the CD was Mercy Came a Runnin' - it's got some great accapella bits and guitar... Then, it was Book It. Today? Maybe Cropper - I was groovin' whilst mixing up a blueberry lime desert and enjoyed the music as much as the sweetness. Or perhaps In My Iniquity - any song that can gracefully combine tuba, organ, and guitar is to be recognized!

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Okay, thanks for reading - I know I don't have the encyclopedic knowledge required to write a proper review with allusions and comparisons, but the bottom line is: It's a great album from a really great band. Listen. Posthaste.

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